What's the gun that makes you angriest when you die to it?

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User Info: Cloud75x

4 years ago#71
Freddie_Mays posted...
Any one hit kill weapon, shouldnt have them in this game.

kind of defeats the purpose of a shooter, now doesn't it? lol
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User Info: happypor100pre

4 years ago#72
any type of quick scope especially in CQC when i have a shotgun

User Info: CallMeSeeker

4 years ago#73
Sniper rifles
That pump action shotty that everyone uses
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User Info: GreatTroySensei

4 years ago#74
jamejame posted...
GreatTroySensei posted...
jamejame posted...
The Remington.

Primarily because I got it gold within the first 5 hours of release, and now I'm trying to get the M1216 gold to get diamond, and I keep losing out to this thing, when on release night I had people telling me the 870 was hard to use while I defended it to no end. I kind of wish I had spread the hate for the thing, because I almost always lose out to it with my M1216 equipped.

I LOVE the 1216, and I keep defending it agains the other shotties. Two tips? First, never ADS with it. Adds nothing to it's precision or lack thereof. Secondly, don't let go of the trigger while it does it's cocking anim between each 4 shot burst - you'll resume fire much faster that way. That '5th bullet' has gotten me many a surprise kill.

While I think the Range could be buffed, I agree. It's a great gun and very, very fun to use. However, the fact that it generally gets hitmarkers out of knifing range makes the 870 the undeniable victor in most situations. I just got a 15-2 gameplay with it on Express Search actually. Once you know how to use it, it destroys. I've gotten three swarms with it since using it yesterday, but I lose almost all of my streaks to the 870.

True. TBH, I feel that the 870 is a little too good compared to the other three shotties. It's stronger than the S12, seems more consistent than the 1216, and isn't worthless without ADS like the KSG.

Still, I keep going with the 1216, because it won me over.
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User Info: sonic_rockz

4 years ago#75
I love people that hate the R870. It's a shotgun, just because someone dropped you before you could spray your laser/silenced MSMC/PDW all over the place doesn't make it OP.
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User Info: bagmup

4 years ago#76
lilzowo posted...
Any gun that someone uses after I shoot with a ksg at point blank and miss that kills me before I can get the second shot off

This ^ Trying to get diamond on the shotguns and the KSG really has me thinking about giving up.
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User Info: thegamer67

4 years ago#77
Crossbow. I hate that it flashes "stuck" on the screen. I don't know why it pisses me off so bad but it does.
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User Info: robirmingham

4 years ago#78
I've been killed by the MP7 the most so far. Doesn't make me particularly angry though.

User Info: NInjaZiru

4 years ago#79
The assault shield because it means I was playing terribly
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User Info: MC_Brian1

4 years ago#80
MP7 Laser sight without ADSing
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