If you're gonna report lame or offensive Emblems....

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jdub5178508 posted...
blacklabelice posted...
this is the hottest topic on gamefaqs. is this mission accomplished?

i mean i didnt expect to make this thread for any other reason than to be laughed at and ridiculed completely

can i at least say i was at least partially successfull while making an idiot of myself?

I tried to do this an hour ago with the "arrow in the knee" topic.....didn't work boo-hoo.
O the joys of gamefaqs!

i thought i would humor you because i knew you seen that from one of them threads witht the whole arrow to the knee thing. wasnt sure what one because there were just too many

its alright though. i guess its not so bad when silly emblems are brought up more than usual.... i mean there was a point in history where the my little pony obsession threads and arrow to the knee jokes were all over this place. in all honesty i would rather come to another one of those emblem complaining threads where people are all talking about dick and bestiality than have to relive the my little pony experience. not sure why that caught on. dont care to know.
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You guys are both idiots.
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i take that as a compliment but this bottle ive been polishing has graduated me to full retard
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blacklabelice posted...
i take that as a compliment but this bottle ive been polishing has graduated me to full retard

You never go full retard!
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It's not the bottle. Well, it may be the one smashed on your head repeatedly.
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if anything that would be an improvement to my functionality and looks
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I see a lot more topics whining about people reporting them than I do people talking about how they reported some douche with a swastika or a picket fence made of dicks.