What is the best Map in COD history?

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4 years ago#141
Carentan from CoD and CoD 2
Xfire = crazycast2
4 years ago#142
KidCache is right. War on any map in WaW.

Especially on Downfall. The chanting sound clip as you push for the next flag compelled me to run to the next flag. Next thing I know I'm getting sniped or blasted by a tank. But did I care. No. The chant said to push forward with my sawed-off double barrel. K/D doesn't matter, this is WAR, onward to victory, RAWWRR.
4 years ago#143
5.Firing range
4 years ago#144

Sub Base

Blops: ( I never realized how terrible these maps actually were overall )

Firing Range



Blops 2: (should have known... they suck too)

Nuketown 2025
4 years ago#145
sylar860 posted...
GL17CH posted...
lol @ all of you. the best map in call of duty histroy is without doubt Toujane, Tunisia from COD 2.

The fact it took till page 8 for someone to say this is a little disheartening. Anyways, best map is obviously Toujane.

Favorite map by game

CoD2: Toujane
MW1: Countdown
MW2: Afghan
BO: Launch? (Looking at a list of maps in BO really reminded me how much I disliked the maps in that game.
MW3: Village (Bakaara is a very close second)
BO2: Turbine

The who designed these piece of sh*t maps


Looking at the maps you disliked, then looking at the maps you liked... I have to say... da fuq?
4 years ago#146

Crossfire probably a close second.
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4 years ago#147
shendude posted...
Carentan from CoD and CoD 2

This, plus Pavlov and Hurtgen.
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4 years ago#148
Vacant is a close second
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4 years ago#149
Harbor. was the best. to play

imagine christopher walken from robot chicken saying that

Harbor will always have a special place in my heart. I can only assume most of you never truly got to enjoy CoD in its hayday. Good ol rifles only
4 years ago#150
Derail -CAP FLAG Beast!
Wasteland -SNIPE Favorite!
Underpass -SOO many good memories on this map.
Highrise -NOOBTUBE Favorite!

MW2 was my favorite. So many good maps. Ahh the snipes and noob tubes. So fun, so fun..

AC130 & Chopper Gunner were so easy to get back then.
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