COD has changed and become a game of map awareness

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if yur getting hipfired on by nubs then you are probably blindly charging around corners in tight spaces.... probably because yur running around hipfiring like a nub as well.

All you have to do is take wider corners and stay out of cramped spaces and you will rarely die to hipfiring.

The problem is that the vast majority of maps in this game are cramped spaces and tight shooting lanes, compared to a lot of the older maps where the design was more varied and complimented more playing styles. Your advice is correct, however.

I dont have alot of experience with other cod games.... all i can say is with blops 2, im generally not having a major problem with hipfiring. I just try to manage my distance, and if i do get caught in hipfire range... i just dropshot em and the hipfire nubs dont seem to be able to aim down so it works most of the time.
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COD has always been about map awareness and seeing the other guy first, what are you talking about TC?