Poll: Skill based matchmaking: YES or NO?

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Do you agree that skill based matchmaking should continue to be implemented in regular game types? - Results (253 votes)
YES, it makes the game more challenging and fun.
10.67% (27 votes)
YES, it helps lower skilled players compete.
3.16% (8 votes)
YES, it's just more fair overall.
12.65% (32 votes)
YES, it protects new players from being stomped on.
3.95% (10 votes)
NO, that was the main reason league play was supposed to be for.
33.6% (85 votes)
NO, it doesn't help bad players get better.
3.56% (9 votes)
NO, it can be exploited too easily.
9.09% (23 votes)
NO, it makes the game less fun and playing "tryhards" gets old.
23.32% (59 votes)
This poll is now closed.
If none of the answers are good reasons for you, choose which one you most closely agree with.

Also feel free to comment and add more :)
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How about just Yes/No?
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League Play is there for a reason. I really do hate playing against a lobby every so often of people in party chat trying their balls off headglitching, drop shotting, and to top it all off, they're all prestiged with Ghost, because making levels 1-54 the most excruciating things in a video game EVER thanks to UAV spam, sounded like a good idea to some idiot.
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No but they should include a temporary playlist for new players similar to Halo 3. :P
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How about NO- all of the above
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No, I dont enjoy playing against fat sweaty mountain dew drenched nerds all day.
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I understand that league play is there so it shouldn't be in matchmaking.

But it doesn't bother me either. I'm use to it. Halo 2 and 3 had it and no one complained.
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Funny how people are mad that they don't get matched up against noobs and have to play a more even match!!! I say skill based match making YES!!
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