Best gun in COD history?

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4 years ago#81
Velociswagger posted...
CoD 4 m16

4 years ago#82
Bonezy_B posted...
i was always in love with the ACR from MW2 with a red dot & a silencer...

Yea cause it was noob friendly

My pick? The COD4 ak47
4 years ago#83
mp40 from WaW
4 years ago#84
MW2 Models pre-patch, M16 from COD4, or MP40 from WAW. These are the only considerations.
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4 years ago#85
The models pre-patch. Easily. MP40 was the next most dominant and then the COD4 M16.
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4 years ago#86
Most of you don't even remember how overpowered the MP40 was in WaW

It was beyond broken.
4 years ago#87
Pure power wise MP40 easily. That thing just wrecked people.

All around gun in my opinion the AK47 from CoD 4. Without any attachments the gun would always kill with three shots from far away, and if I recall it was a 2 hit kill in close range.
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4 years ago#88
Some strong contenders are

MP40- World at War

Pre-patch Models- Modern Warfare 2

MP5- Modern Warfare

M16- Modern Warfare
4 years ago#89
Swagnoceros posted...
Hands down the MP7 from MW3.

Hands down?

You have obviously never played W@W

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4 years ago#90

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