The word "coward" gets thrown around a lot on these boards.

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Please explain to me how one can be a "coward" in a video game? While sitting on your ass in front of a TV screen holding a plastic controller to interact with a completely non-existant virtual world how can anything you do be "cowardly"? Is sitting on a couch playing a video game an act of "cowardice"? Come on now.

Seems like people just call other players cowards because they got killed. Basic insults and shaming tactics. Nothing more impressive than what one would see on a kindergarten playground.

A real coward is one who sits behind a cloak of anonimity and spews insults and degredation from the comfort of his home knowing that there will be no consequences. That's why I love LAN play. People don't dare say half the crap they do online when in the same room. That's what a coward is.

Isn't this a little "pot calling the kettle black" action going on here? You wouldn't call any of those people cowards to their faces and you know it. Talk about sitting behind a cloak of anonymity.

Actually I would, and have already. I actually met someone that I played with online at a LAN who always swore at me an tried to provoke me online. One of my buds said "hey that's so and so that always gives you **** online" and I met him and shook his hand. I told him who I was and he didn't say anything snide toward me that whole day. I said to him "next time we play online just don't give me **** and get personal because that is a ***** move" and he said he was doing it in jest and we should game together sometime.

The thing is I don't go around trying to provoke other people or get some reaction from them. But I will talk to you directly and clearly if you do something that upsets me. I treat people online much the same as I do in reality. So don't go calling me a hypocrite without merit.