Give me suggestions or requests for emblems and I'll try to make them for you.

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Aristoph posted...
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This should be easy for you. The Galactic Empire symbol.


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Great job, can you please tell me what you used?
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If you could make a tutorial on how to make this I'd be really happy
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C. Viper from Street Fighter
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theLongR0D posted...
WG4F_is_win posted...
Why is TC making the emblems? Are you guys gonna retrieve them from him?(is that even possible?)

He will mail it to you

He also has t-shirts, mugs and mouse pads with the emblem of your choice. Prices vary and shipping is based on location. (worldwide shipping available though)

It was a serious question :(
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It is time to unleash the Wrightness
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nice tc!

Mine took a while too, my GT is Sgt Cegueta (Means blind sergeant in my language)


Eye patched military awesome face lol
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This would be great if you could pull it off. Maybe impossible, don't know? but anything would be awesome!

One of the rabbit heads in that pic.
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I have emblem i would like to post and put on here to get some opinions on how they came out. What the best way to link them on here?? Is there a way to link them from Cod Elite??
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A dick maybe? Oh wait...
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Sorry guys. I completely forgot about this topic and now that I've returned, there are just way too many requests for me to handle. I'd spend the next 3 days doing nothing but emblems and I still might not get to all of them. I want to play the game too, after all... >_<

I guess if there's something you're really intent on I'll see what I can do. But I'm not going to make any promises. And if this stays up, I'll try and go through when I've got some time and see if there's any that stand out to me as being particularly quick or I really have a good idea of how to go about it.

Side Note: I think it's really stupid and annoying that you can only save 10 emblems on your profile. I'm gonna have to get rid of some that I'm quite fond of in order to make more, and that's annoying. ;_;
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