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4 years ago#11
oReload posted...
I could NOT for the life of me stay with CoD 4's 3-5-7 kill streak setup.

It was fine; you are spoiled by all the new crap. If it never changed you wouldn't know what you were missing.
XBL: Bitter Kevin
4 years ago#12
JDood5491 posted...

I really enjoyed Blops. Guess it's just me.

It's obviously not just you, the MW/Blops camps exist and are very divided. But we are clearly very different types of gamers.
XBL: Bitter Kevin
4 years ago#13
Dr Whoopass posted...
CoD 4 WAS the best. Close second is MW2. But as they added more and more crap, the games got worse. And allowing Treyarch to make games with the COD name was a terrible,. terrible idea.

Treyarch was brought in to develop Call of Duty 3 because it takes more and more time to develop a high-quality video game. This is why most sports games are either really good or really bad every single year. This is why you don't see a new Grand Theft Auto every year. Treyarch is likely already working on whatever Call of Duty title will release in 2014.

Microsoft having 343 Industries develop Halo 4 is probably the best thing that ever happened to a Halo title. Activision having Infinity Ward and Treyarch develop alternating titles only helps the series.
4 years ago#14
chessmyantidrug posted...

Microsoft having 343 Industries develop Halo 4 is probably the best thing that ever happened to a Halo title.

LOL, NO. It's not like we all wouldn't rather have Bungie at the helm. What a joke.
XBL: Bitter Kevin
4 years ago#15
oReload posted...
People need to stop ******* talking about how good this game (CoD4) is compared to others in the series. Honestly, it's getting tiring seeing this mainstream opinion on how CoD4 is the absolute best in the world and how it's God for some people.

If it really WERE that good, then why aren't there more people playing it? Rofl. People trash talk the newer Call of Dutys for no apparent reason. **** talking Call of Duty has obviously become a cool thing to do.

Bollocks, CoD4 was by far the best of them.

The three killstreaks where just right,

UAV-its still the same as it is now

Airstike-nice for carpet bombing areas

Chopper-great for racking up my kills and killstreaks

Then they added BS like nukes and dogs.....seriously frigging dogs?

Many of the more recent killstreaks have been added just for the sake of adding crap so that kids/try hards/casual turds would buy the thing.

Plus, the maps (for the most part) where WAY better than anything in the games after 4.
Strength is the only thing that matters in this world, everything else is just a delusion for the weak.
4 years ago#16
COD 4 was the best. especially at its time

would have been nicer if those helicopters didnt stack, but that wasnt too much of an issue because that was back when people would actually shoot those things down. not only with a launcher, but youd see a whole team of guys peppering bullets into it and not afraid to come out of their camping hole and be detected by the enemy team for the sake of worthless stats.

hell i cant say anything bad about any of the maps. it had something for everyone. years later they are still getting reskinned and resold all throughout 4 or 5 more releases because we loved them.

people still play that game. most move on. its not like after 5 more versions after your favorite sports game was released. you want to talk about a dead game? look at those kinds of ones. thats shelf lives only last about a year and the moment the next one comes out, theres only a handful of people left. 2 or 3 releases later and there is NOBODY playing. they will even shut the servers down after 3 years. not the case with COD4. there will still be the dedicated guys left, just like every other game in this mainstream series
4 years ago#17
Hell CoD 4 even had night vision goggles in MP........for no reason!
Strength is the only thing that matters in this world, everything else is just a delusion for the weak.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#19

Just because YOU started playing COD with COD 4 doesn't mean it was the best.

The game was AMAZING- don't get me wrong, but it clearly had its flaws and there have been games BEFORE and AFTER that have been better...

If we are going to talk the ENTIRE cannon franchise, NOTHING is touching the original COD on PC- ESPECIALLY with the United Offensive MP expansion.

But if we are just talking console CODs:

COD 2>>> COD4- Before

COD WaW>>COD4-After

Overall on consoles:

Black Ops= COD 4
COD Classic

If we lived in a world where Activision gave a damn about its fans, I would much rather still be playing World at War and COD 4 right now...

Of course, if Activision gave a damn about its fans, we would ALL still be playing the last WOLFENSTEIN game instead of complaining about the newest COD every year...
You have no credibility to speak on Call of Duty as a franchise if you've only been playing since Call of Duty 4...
4 years ago#20
Cod 4 is nostalgia for most people.

Dont get me wrong, its still a great game, but its overhyped in many players eyes. (personally I have it third, behind WaW and BO).

Thats because at the time they played it, it was so groundbreaking - and insanely fun - that its hard to think of it with accurate perspective.

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