What Sensitivity Do You Play On?

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I play on 3. I've started to play cod like I do CS now that I know the maps and its very effective. What I mean is I just have proper crosshair/ads placement so I don't need to adjust much or even at all.

? Thats slow man. I don't know how you'll keep up with any form of stalker/lightweight/strafing lmg players with a 3.
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I play on a sensitivity of 6 in BO2. In other CoD games it is 4. Is 6 the same as 4 on older games or no?

I think 8 in BO2 is what 4 use to be. I play on 8 and it feels like the 4 in previous titles.

If this is true then I'm actually playing at a lower sensitivity than I did in the last couple of games (6 or 7)

Thats sure as hell not true. Ignore him. I play on a 9 and used to play BO1 on a 3 and 4 for quite a while, the POV swings MUCH faster than a 4
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Right now I'm getting used to 7. If that doesn't work out I'll go back to 6.

Sensitivity in this game seems more important than other games. With some crazy spawns on some maps as well as lack of footsteps, it seems more beneficial than other games to play on a high sensitivity. 7 Isn't exactly high, but it's higher than what I used to play on.
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10. We will try pushing it up to 12 today.

Anything below that makes me seem like I'm in molasses.
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I'm a ****ing spaz
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the first week on used 8-9 then slowly moved it higher. now it's set to 14.

i used 7-9 on all other cod's
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Why is there no option for 5?