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User Info: Timmotheuss

4 years ago#1
For every cod up until this one I've played on a 3, and obviously 3 in this game is definitely not what it used to be. That said I'm trying to determine how they scaled the sensitivities for this game, I've been playing on a 6 and having that as my "3" but sometimes it seems to slow, and when I bump it up to 7 I'm sometimes off target for mid range gunfights.

I'm just curious as to what you guys sensitivities were for previous games and what it is for this game, I don't think I've found a happy medium yet.
GT: Pipfection

User Info: Sputnik1337

4 years ago#2
went from 10 to 15

User Info: Athleticsfan3

4 years ago#3
I normally play on high (cant remember if that is 4 or 5) but anyways, im playing on 7 in bo2

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