A game isn't competitive when you can completely outplay someone and still lose.

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Hey, nobody badmouths my Packers. Not after the year that we've had. Holy crap with the ups and downs and crazy emotions.

I don't feel bad about losing to San Francisco. I said, when this season started, that that would be a damn hard game to win.
I don't feel bad about losing to the Giants (well, yes, yes I do actually) because they are the reigning Super Bowl Champs and our injuries are extraordinarily difficult to overcome right now.
I feel bad about losing to the Colts because...really, what the hell happened?
I'm just pissed about losing to the Sea Hawks. That was BS!!!

You're gonna be pretty mad on sunday then when my Vikes stomp all over you guys :3


We'll see. I'm calling a clean sweep of the division for us. Already took down the Bears and the Lions aren't a threat (even though I live in Michigan and love the Lions). The Vikings are the only ones that stand a chance and it's a slim one at that.

I'll be at Lambeau Field on December 9th for the Lions vs. Packers game. I can't wait. My first game at Lambeau. I've been to Ford Field and watched the Lions, but nothing compares to Lambeau.

Make sure you have warm clothes, its not joke in that place in Dec
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This thread is now about football and making out.

Go Falcons!!!