1 good reason to report offensive emblems.

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"lol i hate americans because the internet told me to"

It's babby's first troll material.
Russian is my first language, so yes there may be a spelling error or two.
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I only report p***s emblems if there is a dolphin below it. So degrading.
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What I always say is, its an M rated game. Tue entire purpose of the gameplay is to shoot people in the face with large caliber weapons so blood splatters all over the wall behind them. If you come for that why are you so upset about a depiction of a crude cartoon phallus?

Because their religious retardation makes logic not compute.

Nice assumption.

I'm a Christian (no, not the kind that solely attends churches and condemns people -- I'm one who actually lives what the Bible says to: love people), and the emblems don't offend me. Heck, there's plenty more offensive images than what I've seen in the game.

The reason I disapprove of the emblems is because I just see a lack of creativity. There's so much we can make with the emblem editors Treyarch gave us, yet people seem obsessed with phallic and sexual images. Maybe I just don't understand the thought process behind it.

Overall though, that's the impression I get from the community.

Your immediate jump to "religious retardation" gave me a good chuckle though. Nothing beats a good scapegoat.

Not an assumption, more of an educated guess, which you proved to be accurate seeing as you are christian AND you report people for their emblems. Your reason for reporting them for being "uncreative" is ironic seeing as your own belief system (christianity) copied its story from many ancient myths which pre-date christianity.
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I don't support offensive material on emblems, at the same time, I am against moderation, violation of free speech or censorship. I don't support pictures of penises in emblems but at the same time I see no problem with what a person wants to have in their emblem.

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