Anyone get laid yet having a high KD?

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User Info: M16Crowbar

4 years ago#1
I stop going out to paties and hanging out with my gf just to have a high KD. 1.14 is not good enough I guess.

User Info: Gunther482

4 years ago#2
Isn't there a correlation between K/D and penis size?

User Info: forgotten0285

4 years ago#3
my conversations with girls usually go like this:

Break the ice
You in school?
What kind of work you do?
You got your own place?
You got a K/D of at least 3.00?
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User Info: JaganMaster

4 years ago#4
Dude, all the time. Just tell em you got a 2+ K/D and you'll get tons of girls. You gotta have a 450+ SPM to get the really hot ones though.
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User Info: Baseballtitan

4 years ago#5
My K/D is pretty bad but my girlfriend still loves me. :')
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User Info: icb42

4 years ago#6
Ol' righty mcgee doesnt care that I have a .79 K/D

User Info: Velociswagger

4 years ago#7
Were they Krabby patties?

User Info: WOT BS

4 years ago#8
not yet, but i got laid mentioning i had over 250 reapers called in in mw3
GT: Extract Hz

User Info: StickyBu5h

4 years ago#9
If you have a high KD you slay women like a pro, and a high SPM means that you finish fast. This is why campers are the most manly men of the community.

I think my logic is sound.

Gunther482 posted...
Isn't there a correlation between K/D and p**** size?

That too.
GT: DJ Sticky BuSh

User Info: mohamed502

4 years ago#10
Getting laid = a successful life ?!
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  3. Anyone get laid yet having a high KD?

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