Christian gamers have higher K/D's.

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Oh my! A religious debate!

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There are so many things going on in the world and you think God will help you in video game that has nothing to do with real life. . .Yep sounds very logical.

I bet Tim Tebow prays every Sunday that he gets named the starting QB and for the Jets to win but guess what its not happening lolz
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teaspoon16 posted...
Wow. You people must be real fun at parties. You get all offended and political when someone makes a joke. So sad. Back to COD. And prayer.

I'm sorry for some of my posts, maybe I shouldnt of spoke my mind. I guess I got a lil carried away but thats just the way I feel.
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Nathan3lmond posted...
I go to church every sunday, read my bible daily, and beleive very strongly in Christ...
Yet I'm not that good at this game onine Lol. I do better on this though than I did BO 1, but I don't really play online much.
I don't think God cares how well you do in a video game at shooting people. Just be thankful that God made people intelligant enough to think up electricity, a television, an xbox 360... He also made you with hands to grip the controller, fingers to tap the buttons, and a brain responsive enough to do this all together. We are wonderfully made whether we appreciate it or not. God bless.

Amen, nice post bro
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killswitch3730 posted...
krazykiwikid posted...
Ok second page and people are making really stupid posts again.

Millions of people believe in it so it can't be stupid? That statement reeks of irony. So Justin Beeber and all the other horrible crap pop-music/tv shows/movies can't be stupid because millions of people like them right? On the contrary it's generally the stupidest people who make those things popular.... so you draw the comparisons.

Also, "Most muslims say death to america"? Please do us a favour and go lie down on the freeway.

Ok thank you for your opinion. Do you pay attention to whats going on in the world, no I dont think you do. Its because of blind f***en a****les like you that this country is so f***ed up. Well I should say 1 of the reasons.

You're clearly a very, very unintelligent person. There's a massive difference between 'speaking your mind' and saying something that's horribly wrong and stupid and downright moronic. If you seriously think that "most muslims" are of the death to america type then you're nothing more than a drain on world resources.

FYI if you don't want to make yourself stupid you should educate yourself that "most muslims" hate that kind of crap and being associated with it. That's why so many of them leave their own country but it's absolute morons like you who are making the whole world so ****ed up.
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i find this topic and discussions really hilarious.

God allows harmful things come to us, but he doesn't allow others to defeat you in a game. Seems legit :D
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Religion is just a way to separate the gullible ones from the rational.
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poloisbored posted...
i find this topic and discussions really hilarious.

God allows harmful things come to us, but he doesn't allow others to defeat you in a game. Seems legit :D

Insert: God works in mysterious ways - christian comeback
Insert: It's all gods master plan - back up comeback

Yeah, there was a little girl that got raped tortured and killed last week. That's some mysterious assed way of working there thanks, G.
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I pray to Joe Pesci too. And I still haven't scored with the redhead with the peg leg.
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Oh the movie never ends...