Are people actually still playing this?

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^ lol have you played halo? There are no killstreaks there are point streaks you get better guns for, and thats only in one mode at of 10+ modes...

Ordinance drops = killstreaks

I also like how they added sprinting and custom classes too. Lol, if you're gonna bash cod, don't compare it to a game that's trying so hard to be like cod.

It's like you've never played Halo.
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RunninGunnin posted...
I bought the game at launch and sold it 2 days later, went back to league of legends and halo 4.

Reminds me of me back in 2007. I tried CoD4 (my first CoD game). Got very frustrated with multiplayer (so I went to complete Campaign on Veteran instead but I raged quit Miles High Club) and went back to Halo 3 until MW2 came out. But I have no problems with Black Ops II. Currently my favorite CoD title and I am use to the CoD gameplay style by now (actually since MW2).

While other gamers were having so much fun on CoD4, I couldn't enjoy it. And I couldn't get use to playing a CoD game until MW2 came out (the gameplay mechanics are so different from any other shooter game I played in the past).
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As of 10 minutes ago...550,000 people were still playing this.
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RunninGunnin posted...
Not a troll or hate topic.

I bought the game at launch and sold it 2 days later, went back to league of legends and halo 4.

Just wondering if it still has a community? Worst cod ever imo, hated every aspect.

>League of Legends
>Halo 4
Lmao stopped reading topic there.
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I love the whole "he doesn't have the same opinion as me? Troll topic" mentality this board has.
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