Can you reset your K:D/W:L ratio online?

#1flyerfan1248Posted 12/2/2012 9:21:26 AM
This is for Black Ops 1, and hopefully this doesn't get modded, but it's still the same idea as if it were BO2. So, when I first started playing a couple years ago, I really was not a good player at all and my K:D/W:L ratio was lucky to be at 0.40. Yeah, I sucked that badly. But, as with every game, I played it a lot and slowly got better so as it stands now, my K:D/W:L ratio is 1.25 and 0.70 respectively (I still have the bad luck of joining a match on the losing team when the score is 7400-whatever). If I uninstall the game, or something of the sort, will that work to reset my ratios?
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#2SwordToTheChestPosted 12/2/2012 9:23:04 AM
You just have to get to Prestige 1, and then you can use a token to reset your stats.
#3flyerfan1248(Topic Creator)Posted 12/2/2012 9:24:03 AM
I've prestiged 3 or 4 times. Where is this token thingy?
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#4Eternal JehutyPosted 12/2/2012 9:25:26 AM
Be warned, if you do reset your stats it will take you back down to Prestige 0, Level 1.
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#5TyrantKnightPosted 12/2/2012 9:26:06 AM
Don't think it's possible in BO1. You'd have to use a different gamertag or something.
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#6flyerfan1248(Topic Creator)Posted 12/2/2012 9:26:10 AM
That's fine by me.
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#8nath999Posted 12/2/2012 9:41:51 AM
You can't reset your stats in BO1.
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#9Trigg3rH4ppyPosted 12/2/2012 9:57:40 AM
From: Eternal Jehuty | #004
Be warned, if you do reset your stats it will take you back down to Prestige 0, Level 1.


guess i won't be doing that then.
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#10DeadlyDeathBlowPosted 12/2/2012 10:12:35 AM
i was gonna say just make another PSN account since its free, then i realized im on the 360 boards
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