So many people rage quit in this game, holy****!

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I'll be playing Ground War with randoms. And all of a sudden, if I thought it wasn't hard enough to beat the other team with these n00bs, the enemy team is all over me. I press select and I see there's only 2 other dudes, everyone backed out. And I'm playing a clan on top of that.
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if it is a camp fest, i back out fun...maybe i should start calling them Colemans for those that get it.
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I heard you. Especially during domination half time. Half of the enemy team are usually gone.
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superdiddy34 posted...

That dude is pretty damn good. Nice commentary too.
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every time i kill someone with B23R, they back out.
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Yeah, I don't remember it ever being this bad. People will not hesitate to leave. I think there needs to be a stiffer penalty if you leave mid-match.
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