I think anyone with a 1.0 KDR is average.

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SPM scale

200 average
300 good
400+ is terrifying.

Yay I'm at 380!
But my K/D is only like 1.2 :(

That was for TDM only.

Overall 300 is average I think.

No way you can legit get 400+ in TDM only.

I had a 510 SPM in TDM in BO1. Not sure if it's harder/easier to do that in BO2, but I guarantee you can get 400 SPM legitimately.
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casual shooter is casual

they even made a scope that shows the center mass hitbox.
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Just FYI, playing league play only adds to your SPM. So if you've played league play at all your SPM isn't 100% accurate, it's actually inflated.