Possible cheap fix to lag comp issues

#1DtheBruiserPosted 12/3/2012 12:29:08 PM
I have decent internet speeds (consistantly full bars according to BO2) and I've noticed the lag comp working against me at times online.

Last night I was playing and in the middle of my game, my son started streaming videos from our laptop and my girlfriend turned on a handheld that connected online (all on the same network).

The result? I dropped to 3 bars and suddenly the lag comp was working in my favor! I've never gotten such great response and to put it in perspective, I have about a 0.85 k/d ratio and last night I was averaging almost a 3.0.

Just saying that if you wanna overcome the lag, just bog down your internet connection and the game will reward you for not buying that upgraded high speed service lol
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