Most seen emblems?

#11ragEquiT_Posted 12/3/2012 5:55:17 PM
Mine is currently the Kanye West bear, 2d from the gorrilaz, masterball or 007 logo
i often switch
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#12curtland(Topic Creator)Posted 12/3/2012 5:55:28 PM
BipBapBam posted...
Skull with random **** everywhere

Right, and that "Wolverine with his claws up" one. That's everywhere.
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#13TheRisingSonPosted 12/3/2012 6:02:13 PM
LMAO at the ejaculating dolphins
#14bagmupPosted 12/3/2012 6:19:33 PM
SpyDRfreeK posted...

Also "HA HA". Whats up with that one, why is it so common?

It's a default one for killing the same person 10 times in one match.
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#15Mumble_Posted 12/3/2012 6:20:13 PM
Everything that has over 10,000 views on YouTube.
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#16Gunther482Posted 12/3/2012 6:26:32 PM
DoubleUTeeEfff posted...
My emblem is the "Are you ****ing kidding me" meme holding a gun to his head :3 it's unique and only took like 10 minutes to make.

I use the Poker Face meme as my emblem haha.
#17IronMonkey008Posted 12/3/2012 6:34:55 PM(edited)
- Dirty Emblems
- Skull with random junk
- Sniper crosshairs with random junk
- Towelie
- Pikachu
- Wolverine
- Wheelchair guy with gun
- South Park character
- Cammy's Ass (I actually have this as well, but changed it so it's not Cammy)

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#18AK47plzPosted 12/3/2012 6:48:07 PM
Anyone else see that Hulk grinning one? I've seen a ton of those.
#19Ollie The Magic BumPosted 12/3/2012 6:53:22 PM
I keep seeing some anime dude in a lot of emblems. I don't watch that crap, so I have no idea who it is. Some dude with a dumb looking headband.
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#20DerwoodPosted 12/3/2012 6:56:54 PM
i have no idea what a cammy's butt is

most seen:

- Pikachu
- complete mess of 30 layers of nonsense
- handicapped RPG guy
- "Join My Clan"
- characters from Adventure Time
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