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After A Week of Not Playing BO2 (Archived)
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Origins Staffs Vanishing *Limited FIX!* (Archived)weaz101112/21 3:20AM
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treyarcs nextt release (Archived)
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Force bots to use certain items? (Archived)Boffo1112/16 10:33PM
player count? (Archived)CStick512/16 8:12PM
Thinking of getting this..couple Q's (Archived)
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Well I got this for the 360. (Archived)
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Buried Easter Egg (Archived)EmpoleonTrainer112/8 5:00PM
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Turtle Beach Black Ops 2 Tangos- HELP? (Archived)AGDeshong412/6 11:23AM
Would like to see BO1 zombie maps with Black Ops 2 lobby style (Archived)zeronem412/6 5:07AM
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Streaming BO2 for a little while (Archived)supercoolisaac512/4 9:34PM
Right (Archived)tryedhard612/4 9:34PM
DSR quad feed w/o collats. This is supposed to be impossible, right? (Archived)
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How to dominate BO2 with the Ol' Mighty Five-Seven (Archived)
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Noobcake!!! (Archived)
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How to dominate BO2 with the Ol' Mighty Tac 45 (Archived)tryedhard611/28 5:52PM