I hate campers!

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4 years ago#1
Now that i have your attention, i went through and used all the AR's, maxed those out, now im on the SMG's, and now i know why everyone bi****s about them, i basically went into god mode. Having so much fun
4 years ago#2
I'm about to prestige and played all the way with ARs, now I'm thinking about doing it again with shotguns or SMGs.
4 years ago#3
Hey, Campers hold your universe together

Never forget that.
"The best, most perfectly tuned online game will always have one glaring flaw.
Anyone can play it." _ Dueric
4 years ago#4
well smg's are definately whats up, so much cqc, and firing from the hip, i was doing work
4 years ago#5
Draconilian posted...
Hey, Campers hold your universe together

Never forget that.

I thought that was duct tape?
4 years ago#6
I do the same with ARs and SMGs.

I do suck with shotguns and sniper rifles though.
My favorite game of the year

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