Give Me An Pwn Class

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4 years ago#1
I want to pwn. Give me your pwn class.
4 years ago#2
Who pronounces pwn the same as own? You're supposed to pronounce the p for maximum irony.
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4 years ago#3
KSG @ MMS, Laser, Long Barrel
No Secondary

Perks: Ghost, Extreme Con, Dexterity.

WildCard: Primary Gunfighter

Equipment as you see fit. The KSG is a monster if your connection and aim are decent. Those three perks are essentials for improving shotgunning. Run Flak Jacket on any objective class though.
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4 years ago#4
Talk is cheap.
4 years ago#5
Pr0n class.
4 years ago#6
I average a 5.0 KD with this.

Primary: None
Secondary: FHJ-18 AA
Perk 1: Hardline
Perk 2: Fast Hands, Scavenger
Perk 3: None
Lethal: Combat Axe x2
Tactical: Black Hat x2
Wildcards: Perk 2 Greed, Danger Close
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4 years ago#7
No Primary


Long Barrel







Secondary Gunner, Perk 1 Greed

RC-XD, Paper air plane thing and Lightning strike.
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