What have you spent your permanent unlocks on?

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4 years ago#31
FAL, Assault Shield, Flack Jacket And C4
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4 years ago#32
So many ghost ****, fal and msmc..
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4 years ago#33
I spent it on the AN-94

Currently at Level 55, 1st prestige.. next will definitely be Ghost.

After that, I have no clue. Scavenger? Flak Jacket? Engineer? I'll see what I miss more.
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4 years ago#34
SMR. I ****ing love that gun. I don't care if the FAL is better or whatever, the SMR is my baby.

Who needs ghost when showing up on radar makes all the little SMG kiddies try and rush me on open ground and across long open passages.

My next prestige? Probably black hats, since I miss hacking stuff and engineer unlocks early enough I don't feel inclined to waste an perma slot on it :P
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4 years ago#35
1) Ghost
2) AN-94
3) Scavenger
4) C4
5) M8
6) Flak Jacket
7) Ballistic Knife (no idea why and was a waste)
8) unused so far (don't want a repeat mistake, but then again I probably wont be playing this much longer)
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4 years ago#36
Planning on the shield, but I forgot when it unlocks.

*just prestiged*
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4 years ago#37
Ghost and AN-94. Next probably the C4, Then B23R, After that I dunno.
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4 years ago#38
1. Scavenger
2. M8A1
3. Probably the M1216
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4 years ago#39
Only went once, picked the AN. Planning to get either scavenger or ghost next.
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4 years ago#40
KSG (favorite gun)
SMR (great gun)
M1216 (went for diamond shotties)
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