Holy hell, how do you guys play on a 1-5 sensitivity?

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Nice to see how this turned from sensitivity to correcting grammar. Typical Gfaq board. Anyways, I play on 9. It seems to work well for me. Some of my friends play on 14 and they swear they are use to it so they stay precise at long range. Not sure how true that is or not.

To be fair, he deserved it.

On topic though. I have no idea how people play on less than 14, entirely too slow for me. My settings are 14 and mouse acceleration on around 64 or so and even sometimes that feels too slow.

Wait. What? I play on XBOX lol. 9 sensitivity on a joystick. Anything faster than that and I am inaccurate at everything I do.

So do I :) Well mainly PS3 other than when playing w/my brother.
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I play on 4/5 and its not hard at all. The problem your having is that you put yourself at positions where you would need to adjust your aim more often than not. Proper crosshair/ads placement near or around corners is key.
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The standard sensitivity for pro players in this game is 5-7. No one uses 1-3, that's too low.

Someone on another topic said it was like 3-5.

5-7 is definitely more reasonable

I seriously couldn't follow targets fast enough on a 4, they were running WAY faster than I could move the reticule

In previous games it was 2-4 since the scales are different, maybe that was the confusion there