Why don't you play on PC? They have dedicated servers on there = no lag comp

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Don't like PC games because not all PCs are created equal. Console means everyone has the same graphics, speed, power, whatever all the technical stuff is there.

That's kind of a dumb reason to not like PC games.

Going to have to agree with this guy. Don't get me wrong as I know not everyone wants to sit at a desk & play a game and doesn't have the PC in the same room as the TV so can't set it up that way. But I can't see why it matters that dude A has a better graphics card than dude B.

Should have phrased my sentence better. What I meant was... if it's the same game for PC or Console, I would always pick console because I don't have a strong enough PC to ever run the damn game.
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I do play on PC, and no servers do not stop bad lag comp. It helps prevent lag by eliminating hosts, but lag is still a problem.

Also, PC master race.

Also also, TC regularly trolls on the PC board. Just an FYI
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Yeah, I don't know why people believe dedicated servers would somehow solve all of the problems.

Anyone playing Battlefield 3 knows that you still constantly get shot around corners or behind cover long as you're ducked behind it.
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