Let's see the type of person you are...

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BobReill posted...
Depends on the game type and map, but for the most part I roll with....
Pri - Skorpion w/ long barrel (just switched from MK48 because I prestiged it twice)
Sec - R870MCS
Wildcards - Overkill
Perks - Hardline/carepackage/sentry gun
Lethal - bouncing betty
Tactical - two shock charges

What does this make me?

You're a laid back lad you will take a minute to analyze a situation before jumping balls deep in, although you have made some impulsive choices before and learned a few lessons, which may have led to your careful nature.
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FlacidSnake posted...
B23R + extended mag
Toughness or fast hands
2x EMP grenades
2x Blackhat

Wow you certainly are a "pistol" I would guess you have quite some energy and sometimes that can get you into some trouble, but you are a good guy at heart, who may like to play some pranks on people here and there :-)
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Yep...you can tell what "type" of person someone is by their class loadout...
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M8A1 w/ suppressor, adjustable stock and FMJ


primary gunfighter
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#35LoshadtPosted 12/4/2012 3:57:04 PM
Diamond Mk.48 with Laser Sight + Dual Band

Flak Jacket
Scavenger + Toughness

Bouncing Betties
EMP Grenades
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KryingKetchup posted...
M8A1- Silenced, extended mags
Toughness/ Scavenger
Bouncing Betty
Black Hat

Prestige 5 level 28

You hold yourself in high regard, a bit a chip on the shoulder but you have good reason for it. You know what you like and it works for you, so to hell with everyone else! Nah, you may think that way at times, but that's not what you want.
#37drill beesPosted 12/4/2012 4:02:07 PM
AN94 w GL
Fast Hands/Scavenger
Shock Charge x2
Bouncing Betty
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#38angrybirdsdudePosted 12/4/2012 4:03:58 PM
SMG w/ grip and fast mags
Hardline / scavenger / dexterity
EMP x2 and a frag
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SuperVulcan26 posted...
PDW 57 Select fire
KAP-40 Suppresed
Bouncing Betty
EMP Grenade x2

Prestige 2
Rank 48

You are a creative guy with a few interests that you can share with others, but at the same time they mean something different to you. You can really wrap yourself up in things and in your world, but at the same time have other hobbies that if you stopped doing them not a big deal but others would be really tough to let go.
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Ballista fmj/thermal/ExMags

Flak jacket
Tac mask and awareness
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