Let's see the type of person you are...

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4 years ago#41
FAL w/ Target Finder, Select Fire, and Silencer
Ghost/Blind Eye
Cold Blooded
Dead Silence
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4 years ago#42
ICantNameGud posted...
M8A1 with select fire/quickdraw/silencer
Primary gunfighter
Perk 1 greed
Ghost/Lightweight(or flak jacket)

Or this:

Ballista with Ballistic CPU
R870 with Long barrel
Ghost/Flack Jacket
Perk 1 greed
Cold blooded

Out of all the other posts, you and I are the most similar (at least in my "adult" life). We are something else aren't we? If we feel like it we can be the life of the party, but would rather hold back just a bit until we feel out the room. Always prepared! Have a plan! We set goals and do our best to reach them, but he it's not the end of the world if don't get to them, but it's still in the back of our minds. We make a big effort to at least try our best to do what we say, man of our word.
4 years ago#43
No perks
No weapons
No controller.
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4 years ago#44
Mander1861 posted...
No perks
No weapons
No controller.

4 years ago#45
Sitrus_Daora posted...

Flak Jacket
Tactical Mask/Engineer

EMP Grenade x2

Perk 3 Greed.

Prestige 1 Level 36.

You are in control of what and how much people know about you. As a matter of fact, I think you like to be in control! I believe you have a bit of a straight forward type personality, nothing wrong with that, people know where you are coming from.
4 years ago#46
unpleasant_milk posted...
2nd prestige

Remington 870
w/ laser and extended barrel
KAP - 40
w/ extended mags and barrel

lightweight, toughness, dexterity

secondary gunfighter

Oh boy we found another wild child! Nothing wrong with that as long as you can control yourself sometimes, which may be trouble here and there, especially if you are passionate about it. Say things a little too fast before thinking about it eh?
4 years ago#47
roflwaffle82 posted...
Okay let's see, the class i've been having the most luck with so far is:

Reflex + Fast Mags
Tac 45
Extended Mag
Regular ol' grenade
Blackhat PDA

And i'm a level 52 1st prestige

You're the type of personality I get along with best. Relax, laid back guy who is open-minded and gives stuff a try. If you like it, great, if not, try something else! You try to think positive even though things can build up at times and can tough. But hey, you find a way past it.
4 years ago#48
Ballistics CPU


Blind Eye
(I forgot this perk. The other Stealth one that is not Hard Wired.)
Dead Silence

Bouncing Bettie
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4 years ago#49
Gunther482 posted...
Scar-H Select Fire/Quickdraw

Black Hat x2

Flak Jacket

You rely heavily on yourself to get things done, and don't let others bring you down or hold you back.
4 years ago#50
destructoclaus posted...
FAL OSW - select fire, target finder, quickdraw
No secondary
Bouncing Betty
Black hat
Primary Gunfighter

You are a pretty efficient person, with a tad bit of a god complex when doing activities you are clearly better than others at.
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