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4 years ago#81
IronMonkey008 posted...
I don't really have a preferred class since I been using everything (I do favor Assault). But I do always use either Ghost for rushing or Flak for defensive, and always use Scavenger. And I like EMP and C4 as my equipment for everything.

I'm 8th Prestige, right now I am just having fun with ...

Five Seven + Silencer

Scavenger + Toughness

Sticky (to get calling card, otherwise C4)
Flash x2 (to get calling card, otherwise EMPx2)

Holy Crap, 8th. I hope your GT is a Kung Fu reference, and if so right on. Great Movie with Donnie Yen.

You need to be ahead of the game. You anxious in nature, but get much satisfaction out of outdoing someone else. Nice guy though, but uptight about competition and losing. Willing to offer assistance to others.
4 years ago#82
singhellotaku posted...
Type 25/An-94 with acog and select fire
Hardline or blind eye
black hat x2

killstreaks are usually counter-UAV, AGR, EMP

My goal is force a bare bones match every day via being a killstreak/equipment killing god.

4 years ago#83
Level 29 with no prestige :(
main weapon:naked R870,prestiged once
secondary: swat 556 with acog sight and quickdraw lvl 5
wildcards: overkill and secondary gunfighter
perks: hardline and toughness
throwables: semtex and shock charge

hope this is enough
4 years ago#84
Diamond Camo- Chicom CQB /Fast Mag

Flak Jacket
Tac Mask/Engineer

2x Black Hat

Perk 3 Greed


Diamond Camo- Chicom CQB/Fast Mag/MMS

Flak Jacket/Hardline

Black Hat

Perk 1 Greed

5th prestige
Empty Sig.
4 years ago#85



Shock Charge x2

Lightning Strike

No prestige level 41
GT- Snahck
4 years ago#86
.....Data Unavailable
2012: Resident Evil 6, Borderlands 2, Halo 4.
4 years ago#87
I have two classes I go to depending on whether I'm in a rushing mood, or a hold-down-the-fort mood.

My rushing class and my all around favorite:

Primary: None
Secondary: Five Seven
Attachment(s): Fast Mags, Long Barrel
Perk 1(s): Flak Jacket, Lightweight
Perk 2(s): Toughness
Perk 3(s): Extreme Conditioning
Lethal: None
Tactical: Smoke Grenade
Wildcard(s): Perk 1 Greed, Secondary Gunfighter

My hold-down-the-fort class and second favorite:

Primary: LSAT
Attachment(s): Quickdraw, Target Finder, Suppressor
Secondary: Crossbow
Attachment(s): Red Dot Sight
Sight Style: The Steve
Perk 1(s): Flak Jacket
Perk 2(s): Toughness
Perk 3(s): Tactical Mask
Wildcards: Primary Gunfighter
4 years ago#88
KSG w/Long Barrel and Stock -Gold
FHJ-18 AA -Diamond
Cold Blooded
2x Shock Charge

Care Package, Stealth Chopper, Lodestar

Prestige 2, Lvl. 30
The Official Madara Uchiha of all Existence... ((o)) ((o)) Official Edo Lord and Muu of UNS3 Board
Furry and Proud of it ^_^
(message deleted)
4 years ago#90
C3isSwift posted...
My class
Remington (Long Barrel,fast Mag) Or Scorpian EVO (Fast Mag,Long Barrel)
Fast Hands
Shock Charge
I'm awesome.Just admit it.
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