Jusswunderin whats the best area to get to the high rounds on zombies?

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Unless you can hold down the PaP room, the mystery box is about as reliable as you can get.

Ya we usually hold the PaP but when the max ammos stop coming and you cant PaP anymore its gets hairy.

Before that happens, that's when people with PaP weapons on low make a trip around the map, going to the place on the walls where your weapons originally were and buy ammo...which you can do for PaP weapons. It just costs a lot more.

BTW, you should always have a weapon off of the wall PaP-ed because of this. My vote goes to the AK74. Easy to get to and a pretty good Pap weapon.

Ya it just blows when the ammo costs 4500 bucks :(
I was just wondering if there is a decent kiting area since we mainly seem to be just holding out in one spot most of the time as opposed to the way we used to play.

I found town to be the easiest place to make trains.

You can make a decent train at 3/4 roads when the bus leaves. Only the road where the tombstone is is the exception. (Basing this of survival btw)