What's your crutch in this game?

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3 years ago#41
Scavenger, I always run out of ammo with the M8 :(
3 years ago#42
Flak jacket and tac mask.
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3 years ago#43
Definitely Scav.

I'm fine with showing up on the radar since they are not normally up for very long with my FHJ or BH, but I can't play without my Scav refilling my Rockets/Ammo/Tacs
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3 years ago#44
aNiceLay posted...
No Secondary


Unless my secondary is my main weapon, then no primary. But one weapon is the always constant.
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3 years ago#45
Engineer. I use ghost on every class now too, but its not nearly as important as Engineer. Just seeing how many shock charges and betties litter the maps will make you never want to take that perk off.
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3 years ago#46
Only constant for me is Engineer, i'm weird
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3 years ago#47
whatever it is that makes you ads faster when sprinting.

I'm always running all over the map, I tried switching it out one game... And oh boy, never again. That perk will perma be on all my classes.
3 years ago#48
While I generally use the same perks and equipment setups, I dont NEED any of them. If anything its probably scavenger and bouncing betties, but do I need either of them to do well? No, far from it.

Flak jacket is probably peoples biggest crutch perk, and I do mean CRUTCH. These are the people that walk straight into betties and claymores because they are blind and lazy.
3 years ago#49
Engineer + Black Hat
3 years ago#50
Bouncing Bettys. I seriously get half my kills with them. I depend on them so much that when I'm put in a match with someone who spams Black Hat, I quit.
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