EMP grenades should end your scorestreak

#11TutelarSwordPosted 12/4/2012 11:02:00 PM
Nyangasm posted...
Don't you know? iPads in 2025 are protected by lead. duh :3

Fun fact: Sony supplies the US military's electronics.

Anyways, it's probably the same logic as getting killed while using a scorestreak. You get to get using it so it isn't really your fault someone killed you, you can't protect yourself too well with your lodestar's nice explosives. (I know, some game modes, like Search and Destroy I believe, scorestreaks end it if you die).
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It doesn't matter as your iPad should be fried since Apple never innovates beyond gimmicks.

You get EMP'd > iPad dies> Lose all communications with your loadstar>shouldn't be able to keep using it.