FACT: People who call other people tryhards....are actually tryhards themselves.

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not really though
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does this mean that you are a tryhard?
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I don't hear them because they are usually loud mouth 14 year olds that talk ****. I usually mute them when the game starts and forget to unmute them.
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gedgerrard1 posted...
does this mean that you are a tryhard?

And you are one too
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I used to be decent at FPS till I played LA Noire. There was a mission that you had to keep the crosshairs on your target to initiate a warning shot. After that, I do good to break even on my K/D ratio. So now I'm a try-really-hard-to-break-even.
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So pretty much everyone is a tryhard?

Damnit now I'm one too.
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so wait...if you win your a tryhard? if you lose...its not your fault because you weren't trying in the first place?
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Fact: People in this topic are trying hard.

People ITT are also butt hurt enough to make a topic about it.