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4 years ago#1
This is the only card i want but i can't seem to get it.

The last requirement i need is the GET 20 KILLS WITHOUT DYING but it doesn't work for me. I pass 20 kills but for some reason some of them just don't count. I got 24 earlier and it unlocked the 15 kills thing.

Does anyone know what exactly doesn't count? Is it scorestreak stuff or what? Maybe my bouncing betty? I have no idea what i'm doing wrong.
4 years ago#2
I think it has to be direct weapon kills. When I went for the thirty kills title, I had to use Scavenger or risk picking up one of those ignorant SMGs and tossing strategy into the wind.
4 years ago#3
Damnit i hate not having scavenger unlocked.
4 years ago#4
Does anyone know for sure?
4 years ago#5
doomedsunsoul posted...
Does anyone know for sure?

Yes I got it and it's 20 gun kills
4 years ago#6
Its gun kills
Its the the Calling Card I want also

20+ is my last but too much inconsistencies in TDM for me for now
4 years ago#7
Thanks guys.

I'll just wait for scavenger then.
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