Does Dashboard still work?

#11imthestuntmanPosted 12/5/2012 7:37:35 AM
My friends friend got banned almost immediately for doing it... Youre better off just quitting... Screw getting good stata my win ratio is still like 65% and id rather hang on to whatever headshots or whatever i got than care about my k/d which i dont even know (the main 3 weaps i use all have at least a 1 so its posiive i just dont care to check)
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Silver17 posted...
Krazoa2 posted...
It works. I cheated like 7 times yesterday.

Eventually it will catch up to you, and yes it is very real...

Those two videos are not for dashboarding, they are for quitting early from the League playlist which it says it will do if you quit out too many times,
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#13DarkCaptain3Posted 12/5/2012 8:24:31 AM
Yes dashboarding anytime during a match even at the very beginning counts as a loss for your Win/Loss K/D and they don't send you a message generally stating they are going to do a probation they just give you one for a period of time.

As for your dashboarding if your host.... You do realize that their connections depends on your connection so your to blame for their lagging. Thats what it means to be host, your hosting their connections.
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Freshmaker11 posted...
Krazoa2 posted...
It works. I cheated like 7 times yesterday.

Dashboarding is not cheating , I will dashboard every time I get host I dont cater to poor people who cant afford a connection.
Lag comp is 10x Worse when Im host , Almost like Treyarch is Promoting Dashboarding

Being the host in this game is a horrible experience for me.

I don't dashboard, I just normal quit and take the loss. I know the majority of the time that I quit because I just can't win anything at all, it was because I was the host.
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