one gamertag, 2 xboxes, nuketown?

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My gamertag has nuketown 2025 attached to it. I want to do a system link to play nuketown (and some mw3 DLC) with a friend. Can I download my gamertag to the other xbox (I know you can have two of the same gamertag on different systems) and so have both of us play on nuketown? Whenever I use a second control in public matches, it just puts a (1) next to my GT for the other user, so not sure how system link would work.
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I believe you would have to be offline in order to do this. You will have to recover your gamertag on his Xbox and download all of the content that you want to play. Then system link and play offline.

One thing that it may cause problems, is that in order for DLC to work offline with your gamertag, that Gamertag needs to be registered to the serial number of the Xbox.

Example: I used to play Rock Band all the time with my friends, and I could recover my gamertag on his Xbox and we could re-download and play all the extra songs that I had bought at home, but as soon as MY gamertag would go offline, all those extra songs would become unplayable. I was able to play them offline at home because they were registered to MY Xbox, but in order to play them on someone else's Xbox, my Gamertag had to be logged on and Online at all times.

Hope this helps.
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when you purchase DLC from xbox live you get two licences for that content .. one goes to your gamertag the other to your xbox's hard drive.. now with that being said the original xbox you bought the DLC with has a licence so your freind would need to play on that xbox you play on second one but he would need an xbox live account to play online ...
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^ Yes, License. I said Serial Number >_<
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