Rate my Hamtaro emblem!

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>being a weeaboo

>calling someone a weeaboo while using a joke from an anime website

you just went full plebeian

>thinking there is only one chan

well that was embarrassing

I never said that, but the most famous are anime boards, so it's a fair assumption.
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Thank you for the constructive criticism!

Storm_rising posted...
I think the color is a bit off, and the head shape and proportion to everything else is a bit off too, but prett awesome.. I'd give it an 8.8.. But then again, I suck at art, so I know I cant do any better..

Yeah, I swear the color looks better on the game. And I agree with the shape and proportion. It's the best I could do given my current knowledge of the shapes and the shapes I was given, though! D:

Thank you very much :)

I bet you don't suck at art. Everyone has the potential to be a great artist. For some people, it's just a little more difficult to find that artistic mode. :)

Who knows, maybe the last emblem of the game is a Hamtaro base, and all I would have to do is add the color and eyes and whiskers, and such. Haha. Wouldn't that be nice? :P
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I like it.
an easy 9.5/10.