Dashboarding: A Poll...

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Too much work If anything I leave
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W/L is one of the least important stats in the game to me. I just quit.

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answer your poll...I really dont dashboard...ever...I will back out of a game....but dashboarding just destroys everyone elses game too...so no I dont dashboard...and since I started playing...I have backed out during an actual game not in lobby exactly twice
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JPhoenix985 posted...
So, to the people to who posted about never dashboarding ever...so seriously...you're saying that in the history of COD games, dating back to WaW, you've never "dashboarded" or quit a single game early due to anything at all? I just feel like that's really hard to believe, but props to all of you if you're really being honest.

I dont hit the home button either, i will back out of a game and just take a loss if it is a lag fest, or a camp fest..so to answer your question..no i have never dashboarded.
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FreshSquilla posted...
RadiantViper posted...
W/L is one of the least important stats in the game to me. I just quit.

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I'm too lazy to Dashboard and then re-launch the game. I just quit.
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Refuse to vote as the never option calls me a liar. I have never dashboarded b/c I don't care enough to keep fake stats. If you want to be good, prove it and don't dashboard so we can see the real kdr.