People are overreacting to this patch.

#11GreatKiraLordPosted 12/7/2012 10:42:09 AM
It happens for all competitive games.
It's annoying but it's understandable to a certain extent since you can never be happy about your go-to gun/setup getting nerfed.
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NewAgeOutlaw posted...
It is a major over reaction. Remember how Treyarc nerfed the FAMAS and 74u from Black Ops 1?

Yeah, neither did I.

There's a difference: those guns were clearly overpowered, both within their optimal range and out if it. The remmy whiffs at knifing range sometimes. It is completely useless outside of it's range, as in it will not hit at all, not as in it will need six shots instead of three. It wasn't OP, it was just the only shotgun that did what a shotgun should do.
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MahoganyTooth92 posted...
So you are saying you agree with the shotgun nerf?

Nope. They should've nerfed the RoF slightly, but i'm not going to pass judgement until I actually try it.

Afghan_Whig777 posted...
The M8A1's 80% decrease 3 shot nerf is pretty major, if you ask me.

It deserved a nerf, maybe at about 50%, not 80%

On a 4 shot burst gun, maybe it's a little much, but it doesn't magically turn the gun to garbage.

SullyTheStrange posted...

Nerf shotgun's OHK range by 20%. Nerf M8's 3HK range by 80%. Nerf SMG hipfire spread, the one thing everyone except SMG noobs could agree was OP... by 5%.

Yeah. Good one.

SMG's got increases to hipfire spread, hipfire recoil, reduction in bullet penetration, as well as an increase in recoil for the 2 best SMG's in the PDW and MSMC. That's more than fair.

NewAgeOutlaw posted...
It is a major over reaction. Remember how Treyarc nerfed the FAMAS and 74u from Black Ops 1?

Yeah, neither did I.

Pretty much.
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#14Afghan_Whig777Posted 12/7/2012 10:55:14 AM
I'm fairly satisfied with the first patch, except the M8A1

This wasn't magically some gun that could consistently two burst people from far ranges either

We already agreed that the drop off range for all the AR's needed an increase, because as of now, they're only a 3 hit kill in SMG range

Now the M8A1 is only a 1 burst kill at close hipfire range. Thats...really...a big problem, considering how much these maps put you in smg range.

If it's not garbage, it's going to be pretty inferior to every single smg in most circumstances. I'm pretty upset with this nerf, and really think all the AR's need a buff.
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#16Raiden0406Posted 12/7/2012 11:09:33 AM
When is it being released? Thanks.
#17supercoolisaac(Topic Creator)Posted 12/7/2012 11:10:34 AM
Raiden0406 posted...
When is it being released? Thanks.

Tomorrow I believe.
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#18Raiden0406Posted 12/7/2012 11:13:19 AM
Thank you, Super.

I guess I'm only effected by the Betties nerf. Time to go back to the old faithful Claymores then.
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The problem with any nerf/buff/patch is that we will never truly know how it will affect the game until they fix the lag problems. Connection issues exasperate every perceived "gun in-balance" because it makes certain guns and weapons "seemingly" kill faster or slower. It may seem like it takes 2 bullets from an SMG to kill you sometimes, and other times you may pump a guy full of 7-8 LMG shots and he doesn't go down.

Hit detection, lag, whatever you want to call it, it needs to be addressed. People aren't "complaining" so much about the patch as they are more about the fact that Treyarch hasn't addressed the "actual" problem with the game. In essence, they're balancing things that may or may not even need to be balanced. We won't really know until they at least acknowledge the ridiculous lag issues that this game has.
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Thank you basedgamefly.