C/D: Without a public beta you'll never buy another CoD again

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AtomskVII posted...
If the 720 comes out this time next year then a CoD is likely to be a launch title or will follow in the months after. If it does then yes, I'll buy CoD next year. If not then meh, I'm sure other new shooters will be around next year.

COD won't release on the new consoles so close to release. Too small a user base.

For example, Activision's releasing Bungie's new IP next fall on the current gen of consoles. If they're doing it with that big release, they'll do it for COD as well.
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Deny. I'd like there to be a beta but I'll probably get suckered in regardless.
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kennyindy posted...
WaW had an open beta...

And it was the BEST COD post-COD 2...


If this is a joke then two thumbs up.
BS_Infinite posted...
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BipBapBam posted...
KarnRX78 posted...
D because I'm not buying another CoD game.

Skipped MW3 last year, picked up BO2, see nothing has really changed much for the better, not buying another unless they produce something as groundbreaking as CoD 4. Which, with the way they're running things, they're not likely to do.
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Eh, i am done with CoD. I liked the original and 4 a bunch, but didn't like anything after it. Last one i played was MW2. Doesn't matter if they do a beta, heck they could give me a free copy of the game, i probably still wouldn't play it. might dabble through the single player a bit, but if it sucked i would stop.
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Entropian posted...
Not until they get dedicated servers....so prolly never

We have dedicated servers on PC and the connections are still a joke.
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From: veggie530 | #020
what the hell would a beta accomplish?

Kenny mentioned the WAW beta... all that did was show us how to get under the map.

Getting under the map lasted one week... and those reported got bans... Is that really all people remember???

The Beta fixed a ton of stuff... Because of the beta, Treyarch only had to implement 2 patches for the lifetime of the game before the hackers ruined it...
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WITH a public beta I would probably never buy another COD again.

It's why I skipped W@W. And likely why they don't do public betas anymore.
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