This is the gun that most of you thought deserved a nerf.

#21AlexanaxelaPosted 12/7/2012 4:18:34 PM
Zero IX posted...
Anyone who says the 870 was inconsistent is one of those people who must simply have a different copy of the game than I do... provided you were close enough, the OHKO was consistent (it's a two pellet kill at close range), and if you disagree, you're saying the MW2 SPAS (with SP, no less) was inconsistent, lol.

the mw2 spas had a hipfire spread of 5, the r870 has a hipfire spread of 10
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XxOblivion77 posted...
The nerf is fine. The lag issues were the problem in that clip, not the range.

Watch the whole vid, at the start he was getting OHK no problem.
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