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4 years ago#1
may i ask what all was nerfed and what they did?
GT- xPROx Rusher
4 years ago#2
if you look down about 10 topics, you'll see a topic that says "12/7/2012 Patch Notes"
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4 years ago#3
PSN/Battlelog: tactikz4
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4 years ago#4
im sorry i didnt get home from school till recently but i appreciate the second person to post the link for me
GT- xPROx Rusher
4 years ago#5
i have noticed this is for the ps3 community not the xbox 360 when will theirs take effect or does anyone know?
GT- xPROx Rusher
4 years ago#6
Tomorrow or Sunday.
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4 years ago#7
thank you
GT- xPROx Rusher

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