And to think: people are silly enough to agree with the 870 nerf.

#1NidtendofreakPosted 12/7/2012 6:14:17 PM

Ain't consistent in the least.
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#2curtlandPosted 12/7/2012 6:16:55 PM
Eh. I could (if I ever saved them...) show you games where my MP7 did just as poorly. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be tweaked.

It's kinda lame they nerfed it, yes.

870 is actually one of my most used guns. But I don't think it will be THAT bad or be rendered unplayable or anything.

Well see, I guess.
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#3NriepwPosted 12/7/2012 6:19:18 PM
I agree with the nerf and my 870 is either my second or third highest kill weapon.

Second or third because it was second this morning but the Kap 40 was coming up on it and I got them both gold today and didn't check.