Pick 10 Better Stay for Future COD's

#11gvandalePosted 12/8/2012 10:48:10 AM
Agree. I disliked pick 10 at first, but now I see its genius.
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jasonkingmark posted...
Why does everyone assume having all perks makes you immune to dying? Remember specialist from mw3 how many times did you die after getting all perks? Odds are probably after your 8th kill.

Pick 10 with pro perks means a naked gun and no equipment. Try to get 10 consecutive kills every single game. Five bucks says you would get shot in the back on your 5th or 6th kill.

That is assuming they would cost 2 points, and if that were the case then you would have 6 points used just from the normal 3 perks removing most of the choice. Sure they could let you choose between pro or not but then why even bother having pro perks. I never played MW3 but specialist requires kills to get, having pro perks in pick 10 would always be active so it's not even remotely comparable. It just wouldn't work if there are pro perks, assuming next game goes back to pro perks.

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