Amazing how horrible the knife is...

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3 years ago#11
Swan3624 posted...
ID15 posted...
best knifing they've ever done...all the other games had ridiculous lunge and horrible hit this game the horrible hit detection is still there but at least the lunge is gone.

I'm sorry... lol wut

If you are trying to panic knife it is gone for the most part. However, rocking either the combat knife or the ballistic knife still nets you some nice teleportation kills every now & again.
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3 years ago#12
1: Make a class with no guns.
2:Put on it 6 perks.
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3 years ago#13
The knife is the embodiment of lag compensation in this game. I can be standing behind someone shooting out of a window or whatever, they don't even know I'm behind them and I still can't knife this dude in the back. It just misses over and over. I have a great connection and this never happened in any of the other games, even broken ass MW3.
3 years ago#14
I play with tactical layout and have no problem stabbing people with B button. You aren't going to stab through bullets though, and if you run past each other you have to be facing the person exactly, no more insta-behind-the-back stabs.

It's good this way, I use it mostly for silent kills, lots of backstabber medals. The ballistic knife is pretty sweet too.
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3 years ago#15
yea I was talking about the standard knife...non of the special ones.
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3 years ago#16
The knives are rubber. I understand the lunging and what not. But if me and an enemy come around a corner and I am using a combat knife, him an SMG and he shoots a couple times and I knife I should hit him if we are right in front of eachother.
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