If you could remove just ONE map from this game

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User Info: Velociswagger

4 years ago#31
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Hijacked can GTFO

User Info: TG_Wolf

4 years ago#32

The only map I can't stand in the only playlist I play: Bonus.
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User Info: unpleasant_milk

4 years ago#33
micheal82 posted...
Aftermath I hate it because it is a cluttered mess.

Totally agree
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User Info: MilesAustin19

4 years ago#34

It's a horrendous map.
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User Info: AngelicTouch99

4 years ago#35
This is actually the first time I witnessed all of this hate for Aftermath lol.

User Info: bigbug1992

4 years ago#36
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Hijacked can GTFO
This is bad! Badbadbadbad! Bad for team plasma...or plasbad for short!
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User Info: DeadlyDeathBlow

4 years ago#37
Hijacked. I dont mind the other maps, well carrier is bad, but hate hijacked more
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User Info: tranquilizerrr

4 years ago#38
My head says Aftermath but my heart says Plaza.
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User Info: J2DK

4 years ago#39
Aftermath. I never do well on Express, but that's my fault. Aftermath is two large, open areas (where most people spawn) with fustercluck of a maze in the middle.
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User Info: nuclearpizza

4 years ago#40
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