If you could remove just ONE map from this game

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3 years ago#41

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3 years ago#42
AllInVane posted...
Honestly I like every map except carrier..

same here, and I wouldn't necessarily want it removed, it's just that I consistently do bad on Carrier. I prefer using assault rifles, and Carrier is usually dominated by snipers.
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3 years ago#43
Express is the only one that I don't really enjoy. Carrier is fine for FFA and Party Games, Aftermath is ok in Ground War, Plaza is a laugh in Dom/Demo etc, but I can't find one mode where Express is fun.
3 years ago#44
I would give up a map I liked if it meant I could also get rid of Plaza.
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3 years ago#45
Aftermath or Plaza. Its a hard choice between those two.
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3 years ago#46
It would have to be Carrier

Closely followed by Hijacked
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3 years ago#47
Hijacked and slums. Whilst having linear maps isnt always a bad thing having 2 maps where the team who maintain their positions at the 2/3 of the map mark able to completely dominate is ridiculous. Teams annihilate and if you play solo you get ****** over because teammates rush and reset the spawns every 30 seconds... so unless you are in tune with said rushing teammate you will end up being shot in the back.

Slums - 2 people guard the house, 2 people watch the centre opening into the fountain yard and 2 people watch the other opening on the side opposite the house by hiding behind the obvious cover. Impossible to beat.

Hijacked - (pick either top or bottom of map doesnt matter) 4 guys watching the right and left sides of the boat, 1 watching the door to the inside area and 1 guy hides in the underground. You cant lose if you get this going.

Every map has the ability to be controlled but its far 2 easy on these ones.
3 years ago#48
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3 years ago#49
#1 at absolutely nothing!
3 years ago#50
I'm torn between Drone and Carrier. Probably Carrier, because at least Drone doesn't show up very often.
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