If you could remove just ONE map from this game

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4 years ago#71

I like big maps but that one is appallingly designed, especially for Domination.
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4 years ago#72
Overflow. Easily. In fact, if I could remove any map from ANY CoD (Starting with CoD4), it'd be Overflow. Such a terrible map, I can't even form words to describe how bad it is.

They seriously created it for campers. If you go into the middle at all, you're asking to die. It forces you to play a certain way. And I hate that.
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4 years ago#73
4 years ago#74
M3talacolypse posted...
I'd remove Turbine.

The first map that I have ever played in BO2... and I hated it. I got bombarded by a bunch of scorestreak rewards on my first match and I barely got any kills. If we can remove a map, then yes, I would get rid of Turbine.
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4 years ago#75
Didn't read every page, but I'm pretty sure I'm alone in saying I'm torn between Meltdown and Express. Probably Meltdown more than Express.
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4 years ago#76
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4 years ago#77
TheBlueDeath posted...

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4 years ago#78
Soul_On_Display posted...
Turbine, Aftermath, and Slums. My 3 least favorite maps.

This...probably Turbine for me just because of how awful it is

Seriously, they give us 1 big map and it has to suck ._.
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4 years ago#79

Turbine would be a close second.
4 years ago#80
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