Post your go-to loadout

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  3. Post your go-to loadout
2 years ago#21
Fal w/quickdraw/silencer
Toughness/ scavenger
UAV/carepackage/lightening strike
2 years ago#22
Tac-45 w/ Suppressor, Exd mag

Light Weight


Dex, Engineer

1x Black hat

Perk 3 Greed, Secondary Warfighter
XBL GT: I Am The Gundam
2 years ago#23
Type 25 - grip- silencer

no secondary

blind eye/ ghost
coold blooded

black hat
perk 1 greed
auv-care pack-counter auv
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  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  3. Post your go-to loadout

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